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Barrel Buffet Rental

What is a Barrel Buffet Rental?

If you are having a rustic or country event or wedding, someone may recommend that you obtain a barrel buffet rental for your event. This is not a term that many people are familiar with, and as such, you may not know what it is. A barrel buffet rental is a buffet table that is made out of barrels. The base of the table is typically two to four barrels, depending on the length of the table. A piece of wood is then placed atop the barrels, to help transform barrels into a buffet table. You can then place food on the table, decor on the table, a guest book on the table or even use the table for gifts and cards. The possibilities are endless. Are you ready to learn more about renting a barrel buffet table for your upcoming event? Rent one from Olgas Rustic Rental.